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Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

Starting Out, Scaling Up and Staying True

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Bank to fight the climate crisis

Michael Gordonprofmichaelgordon.com More than three-fourths of Americans want businesses to address social and environmental issues. A similar number will refuse to buy from a company when they learn its values are contrary to their own. An even greater number will re-direct their purchasing toward companies that advocate for an issue they care about. This is what […] Read More

Cumulative Carbon emissions

There is a price we pay for “progress.” Yes, the United States (and China; and almost everywhere else) has gotten wealthier over time. But the cost — which we too blithely have ignored — is the CO2 we pour into the skies. Here is a quick and simple animation which shows the relationship. Note: Size […] Read More

To Lead, Follow! (HINT: we need you to follow. Now)

This video (about 3 minutes) floated thru my inbox as part of a TED New Year’s series. It’s as good now as it was when I first pointed it out about 5 years ago. Here’s the video link: Watch it. What you’ll learn, in a short, amusing video: 1. Leaders are important, but over-rated. 2. […] Read More

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