Doing Good with Money: How We Can All Make a Difference

Doing Good with Money is about using money as a tool — for protecting and honoring the planet, addressing hardships, and bringing us together. It explains how we might spend, save, give, and invest our money so we can help each other out, build meaningful relationships, and act with generosity and kindness. It is both a handbook for your personal financial life as well as a deeper dive that may help sort out the connection between our financial behaviors our values.

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Becoming a Social Entrepreneur: Starting Out, Scaling Up and Staying True

What’s it like to be a social entrepreneur on the ground? This book tries to answer that question, emphasizing what can be useful in practice. Based on more than 100 interviews with social entrepreneurs and people who support them (lawyers, funders) Becoming a Social Entrepreneur uses their words and experiences to describe the issues every social entrepreneur faces: preparing yourself, building a team, fundraising, running your organization, growth, and creating impact beyond your own organization.

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Inclusivity: Will America Find Its Soul Again?

Inclusivity looks at problems of health, education, livelihood, and a deteriorating environment in both urban and rural America. It tells the stories of American renewal and the restoration of opportunity—to live a life with economic opportunity, good health, an education suitable for today and tomorrow, and to enjoy clean air, water, and skies—for everybody. Businesses, social entrepreneurs, and people not too different from the rest of us are leading the way.

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Social Enterprise: Design Your Life, Change The World

This book offers design principles for successful social enterprises, useful for enterprise design through scale. Extended examples of social enterprises illustrate these principles. This book also offers advice to anyone contemplating becoming a social entrepreneur or designing their own path of impact. Finally, it argues that ideas based on biology and adaptive systems may be our best way forward in addressing difficult societal problems.

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