Becoming a Social Entrepreneur: Starting Out, Scaling Up and Staying True

What’s it like to be a social entrepreneur – not a textbook social entrepreneur but one on the ground? This book offers an explanation. I spoke with more than one hundred social entrepreneurs – from six continents, young and old, just starting out to several decades in, addressing seemingly every societal problem of the day.

Using their words and experiences, I’ve highlighted the mistakes they’ve made, the lessons they’ve learned and, especially, what advice they would give to those wanting to start a social venture.

Social entrepreneurs are among the fiercest champions of a better world. And in sharing the lessons they’ve learned, they reveal their personal sides as well: humble, flawed, but steeped with conviction, purpose, and determination.

For new and experienced social entrepreneurs, the book offers real-life guidance. For anyone else, it offers a penetrating portrait of the lives of those committed to changing the world.