Buy good. Do good. Give marketers hell.

Some businesses go to any extent to get you to buy. The New York Times recently described the lengths stores will go to to make you uncomfortable so that you’ll buy more. Why? “Experts” in marketing have discovered that the louder, the more repetitive, the more crowded — hell, the more irritating — the more people will buy.
Can’t commerce be better than this?
David Merrit, a former University of Michigan basketball walk-on who became team captain, has designed his Merit clothing line, which is comfortable, stylish, and will make you feel good about buying.  Purchases help prep inner-city kids for college and then pay for it.  20% of his sales — not profits — go towards paying for kids’ college tuition.
David is funding his first clothing line via, a crowdfunding site. 
David’s campaign runs out in 3 days, and he’s not at his goal yet. As you may know, crowdfunding sites are all or nothing, so David makes his goal or returns all pledged purchases.
I recently bought myself, my wife, and kids clothing from Merit. Stuff that is tied to making a difference — not to pushing us toward the edge.
How about you?  Buy good looking, comfortable clothing and other stuff, and help kids have a future they can only dream about. Break the cycle of one kid dropping out of high school every 26 seconds!
Do good with your purchases.  Annoy the marketers! Show them we’re not fools.
Go here to buy stuff from Merit now. The campaign ends December 21.


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