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Common sense in a pandemic

How good is our common sense? Common sense would tell us that air rushing under the wings of a plane would keep it aloft. (You actually need wind flowing quickly over the wings.) Common sense told a King who owed a debt for losing at chess that this would be a modest payout for losing: […] Read More

A better economy “after”

McKinsey, the global business consulting firm, is trying to imagine business “after.” Some of McKinsey’s arguments resonate with me: putting resilience before efficiency (by shortening supply chains so that consumers, producers, and suppliers live and operate in zip codes nearer each other). Other suggestions, like strengthening the global financial system, to me suggest locking in […] Read More

Bank to fight the climate crisis

Michael More than three-fourths of Americans want businesses to address social and environmental issues. A similar number will refuse to buy from a company when they learn its values are contrary to their own. An even greater number will re-direct their purchasing toward companies that advocate for an issue they care about. This is what […] Read More

Cumulative Carbon emissions

There is a price we pay for “progress.” Yes, the United States (and China; and almost everywhere else) has gotten wealthier over time. But the cost — which we too blithely have ignored — is the CO2 we pour into the skies. Here is a quick and simple animation which shows the relationship. Note: Size […] Read More