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We are facing enormous problems.  Far too many people lack life’s basic necessities: food security, access to clean water, effective and affordable health care, adequate education.   We’re creating pressure on the planet that threatens our long-term survival. There has never been a time when it has been clearer that we must change our behaviors and values to sustain our planet and society.

Yet change is taking place all around us.  The flora and fauna of today are vastly different than in previous eras. Although we ordinarily think of evolution as characterizing living systems, it just as accurately describes changes in organizations, technology, social systems, and other systems where effective performance is the basis for growth and imitation. 

These dramatic changes can be seen everywhere. Look around at your business. The landscape is changing so rapidly that many institutions are scarcely recognizable from what they were even a decade or less ago. 

Using the lens of evolution, I can help your organization (and you) develop new ways to address poverty, deficits in health care and education, and environmental degradation.  I can help you think differently about innovation and invention by helping you uncover new ways of looking at problems; directing you towards ways of testing outcomes that embrace societal benefits; showing you the power that comes from adapting imperfect approaches; and helping you see the urgency of seeking fresh, outside perspectives for our trickiest problems.

I’m an award-winning educator and I’ve been internationally recognized as one of the information age’s leading innovators.  I love speaking, teaching, designing and delivering immersive, innovative training programs, and working with life-long students in ways that propelus toward a better world.

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