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Latest Acts of Kindness From the Community

An Aboriginal Elder woman picked up out of the "Long Grass" in a big town, drunk. She spends a few days of restful safe sleep, quiet, and nourishing food. Her spirit is coming clearer. Her country is waters with crocodiles. I ask her to join small woman group for a morning swim in a thermal spring. She says yes. Trust has been built for her to say yes. She says yes to entering the water ... once she builds a relationship with it. She plays in the waters like a young child... Her smile beaming from her heart!

* Removing invasives from my community's woods to promote its biodiversity. * Working to install solar panels and heat pumps in my community. * Joining and leading "climate café" style groups where people support one another living through the polycrisis.

While driving by on village roads where public transport is very infrequent, when I see anyone carrying a heavy load or walking in scorching sun, I usually stop my car, pick them up and help as much as I can in their onward journey

Just being kind to the love of my life.

I attended a workshop which I drove to and met some nice people. They were going to take the bus back to where they were staying so I invited them to ride with me. Hoping we can reconnect somewhere along the journey.

I served at a funeral reception for a local parish.

For several years, I have been helping many youngsters find internships and jobs.

Owning being controlling with my spouse, apologizing for this and telling how how much I appreciate her non-reactivity with me.

It's a small thing, but I pick up trash wherever I go. I know it contributes to my peace to see a trash free walkway, park, public transportation or its' one thing I can do for others.

It's not so much an act of kindness as one of love. I have an 89 year old friend who is fading fast in many ways. I call her every evening to see how her day went and wish her a good night's sleep. I try to make her laugh and usually do. She means the world to me and I treasure the few moments we talk.

I have offered free Coaching Sessions to someone who needed it but could not afford it. She has been able to turn her life around and is now paying it forward...We're still meeting regularly for our "just giving" coaching sessions, two years later...:) I know I receive as much as I give, or perhaps more...

I was born on Random acts of kindness day. So for my birthday this year I asked everyone I know to do something kind for someone else. I got back stories of donating cricket kit, making soup for neighbours, buying books from self publishers at a market, having conversations with strangers, all sorts of things. It was so wonderful. My heart was full after all the stories came back. I went out on a litter pick in my area and put some one pound coins into trollies at the supermarket to unlock them. All in all it was a lovely day of kindness.

Hi Michael, Thank you for feeding us with such healthy, loving clarity. It is always so interesting to read you. I like this way of putting a value to the work you are sharing so freely. More than half my life ago I dedicated myself to serving the Earth. I had no idea what that would mean. For the past 3 years I have been using a lifetime of prep to help transform a blighted and abandoned 67-acre City of Flint golf course into a nature preserve with wetlands, hiking trails, and pollinator meadows. My current act of kindness is every day getting up and slogging through grant applications to fund it all. We are all volunteers, none of us paid. We are like you -- creating a different kind of wealth for our community. It's a game -- sometimes maddening, quite often fun.

I am teaching in the outskirts of the city, where there is a need of modern educator. I am also receiving the kindness back.

I am a listener in an online platform. I listen to people's issues and try to comfort them. So far I had 250 chats and going...

I teach communication skills and interviewing techniques to youngsters learning vocational skills.

My uncles mom passed away, so I organized a meal train to help with food for the next few weeks and show him how loved he is!

The one act of kindness I'm consistent with is picking up trash as I walk my dog. I got this idea when I lived in a beautiful part of 'Old Louisville'. I noticed an older gentleman, not particularly healthy , who carried a pole and a sturdy, paint-stained cloth bag around as he walked his dog. He took long walks around the neighborhood daily. His small gesture made a huge difference. So this is what I do too.

I want to help youth navigate their lives with fulfilling relations so they are emotionally

Sharing Chair yoga for free with seniors

Coming home after work last Friday I was exhausted. It had been a long week and all I wanted to do was get home and relax. As I turned the corner onto my street, I saw one of my neighbors stopped resting against a wall. He had a bag at his feet. We had not met, but I saw him walk past my house before. This time I noticed he had a cane. I asked him if was OK, he said he was resting. I asked if he would accept help and he hesitantly said yes. It took us about 10 minutes to walk 150 ft but it was a great conversation. I got him and his bag to his door safely and better yet, got a second wind on the evening with a renewed spirit!

A young single mom in our church needed to find a new place to live. My wife and I gave her the money she needed to break her lease and put down security and 2 months' rent so she could move quickly

I paid for the groceries of the family in front of me.

I volunteer with foster youth in my community to ensure they are receiving the support and services they need to thrive.

Last year, Türkiye faced with its worst disaster happened in the country, the two consecutive earthquakes killed more than fifty thousand people and left millions homeless. Many people in and around Houston rushed to send relief items to the country and I headed the organization committee voluntarily, spending most of the days until late hour at a warehouse. This was the best think I could do from that distance. This was the most meaningful think I'd ever done. Witnessing how people were rushing to help with anything they do was amazing. Kids were sending toys to kids in Türkiye with some small notes on them, expressing their stance with them and their love. Being a part of this from that distance made us united with all colors, all races of people, urging to help to a country far far away.

I deliver nutritious meals to individuals who are chronically ill and unable to afford or get food for themselves. They get all their meals every week and has become a lifeline for many families.

I saw a person struggling to reach the last package of mushrooms on the grocery store shelf and helped her retrieve them safely.

A person without a home recently was asking for money on a very cold and wet day. I wanted to support him in getting to his family to get inside but didn’t have any cash. We walked together to an ATM and I gave him $40 to help him out. I continue wishing him well.

Donated money to a charity for water projects.

I sit on the Board of a Habitat for Humanity chapter to promote affordable housing for vulnerable families. I have created 2 scholarships at 2 Universities to award to students who have demonstrated a social commitment/contribution to their communities.

I'm helping a friend with "heart marketing", replacing all the mind-based formulas on brand, tag line, and offerings with much more powerful words that come from the heart and attract the clients who resonate with her passions.

I planned a 'birthday surprise' for a teammate at work last week, getting cupcakes for the team to celebrate together.

Even by Scandinavian standards, this winter in Stockholm has been cold. Walking my dog late at night, I saw a hare. I heard they had difficulty surviving in the snow and started feeding it. Whenever I return to where I put the food, I see the characteristic hare tracks in the snow.

After retirement I volunteered as a substitute teacher at the Lyle Torrant Center, a public school serving students with cognitive and developmental disabilities. Currently serving as a board member and digital media advisor for a non-profit.

Mostly focused on social acts of kindness-volunteering 50 hrs a week with our project to produce and distribute nonpartisan candidate guides for important elections.

Participated in a marathon organised by tata and raised funds for cancer patients from low income groups

I volunteer with an organisation called eVidyaloka teaching school syllabi and additional orientation in STEM to rural kids in very underdeveloped parts of India (South India, Lalgudi). I have been volunteering for over two years now and since this is an online class, this time contribution is something I’m able to manage with my full time work. I’ve also worked with eVidyaloka to do curriculum development and to enhance their offerings through contributions to teaching aids and artefacts etc.

I went with my mom to her foundation to teach a communications class to her students

Sundarbans is a remote location in Eastern India that is bordering Bangladesh. It's topography makes it unique.... The riverine district is a maze of mudbanks and mangroves....and often ravaged by hurricanes.... Life and livelihood in such a remote location is a challenge and education a low priority. It is here where a NGO I support is striving to give children an opportunity for quality education. One of the burning need was for potable water at the school... We helped set up a RO water filter plant that would provide clean drinking water for the school.

I have been running a not for profit for the past few years helping children in the urban slums of Delhi. At our centre the children get education, nutrition and skill development. I have doing this without taking any salary for myself. It is my contribution to the society.

investing more time-capital with Ruchi of www.Humanquind .org and other similar social entrepreneurs to help them (and us) in making the universe of all our dreams:) Helping organization like become more effective in india and also learn from the Indian way of compassion capital

I've taken on the role of snow shoveler for a number of my elderly neighbors (in the lake effect region of northern Michigan).

I regularly volunteer at and donate to Martha’s Table, which serves homeless people and others who are poor in Washington DC. It’s an act of selfishness as well as kindness because it reminds me each time to be grateful for all the blessings in my life, and in the lives of those I love.

Bringing our neighbors some firewood after an especially cold storm

It has been dangerously cold, for humans and nonhumans alike. My acts have been for the support of birds and other nonhumans during this time: to offer fresh water (in two heated containers) and plenty of fat-building food to augment their diets. Birds need to eat more to speed the metabolism and keep them alive- let alone warm- during these times.

I want to create umbrella communities to connect the many single householders regardless of age. In particular I want to connect our elders to the communities they now live in.

I have a neighbor who needs to travel and take care of a sick family member. I’ve been making soup every week and freezing some so she can have a ready to-go homemade meal anytime.

Each December, I sit down with a list of organizations that I want to support this year. Some are one's I have supported for many years and some are new for this year. In many ways it's an act of paying forward the kindnesses shown to me over my lifetime.

Tell my sister what she means to me

I founded a baseball program in Chicago that has since had over 17,000 youth players. The program was based on fundamentals and training the parent-coaches how to coach (a professional training group is used each year) so that every child has the opportunity to enjoy and learn equally. I left the day-to-day operations after 3 years so that it would have the best chance for long-term success (owned and operated by the community). Feel free to visit Oz Park Baseball Association (OPBA) for more info.

I translated a book on contemplative meditation and gave it away to interested people.

Publicly praise an interviewee to give her more confidence as she was presenting her work.

I improved OpenStreetMap adding stop signs and sidewalks for more accessible and efficient routing in my county. (

Helping fund non-covered medical treatment expenses and a new boiler for a treasured friend.

I created a nonprofit called Equitable Ann Arbor Land Trust with a former grad student, Sarah Lorenz. Its goal is to break down the silos and barriers between the City of Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan to solve our twin huge problems of affordability and sustainability. Using public parking lots along Fuller Rd betw the Medical and North Campuses for mixed use, transit oriented development is the place to start. More at our website: Appreciative and love to meet to discuss, Peter; 734-358-0060

distributed turkeys to food pantry guests

Knitting hats and scarfs for donation to homeless shelter. (It's cold here)

I work with indigenous young women to provide them a quality education